Working together

What you see is what you get

Our ideal client profile

We know we can help many businesses and organisations thrive. Still, we’re also experienced enough to know who we’re most effective with, the type of relationship that has yielded the best results, and who we most want to work with.

So here’s a brief look at the attributes of our ideal client:

  • They’re ethical and won’t do things that don’t pass the pub test.
  • They are clear on their mission and are authentic about achieving it.
  • The key decision-makers understand marketing and communications (and good storytelling) and respect the knowledge and experience of those on their marketing and communication team (that includes us).
  • They’re not a startup (startups need a LOT of love and we know we do best when we have past data to work from).
  • Ecommerce is not our strength and we will never pretend it is. We won’t sell your widgets.
  • They value research and know how data can inform planning and decision-making.
  • They are able to budget a minimum of $5,000 per month for our services.
  • The key decision-makers at the top of the business are part of the relationship with us.
  • They’re strategic, know how to plan well and make evidence-based decisions.
  • They surround themselves with people that believe in and care about what they do.
  • Like us, they believe in our values of passion, excellence and trust.


CC10 is how we give back to our community.

Through CC10, our staff members can partner with a not-for-profit or volunteer organisation and donate 10% of their total consultancy hours for marketing and communication services.

Some partnerships are short, others are more long-lasting. All are real and mutually beneficial.

Our partner organisations get best practice marketing and communication skills on tap.

In return, we get to feel good, learn about ourselves and ultimately, our people grow.

Work with us

Working with us is fun, dynamic and organised. This is how we roll…


Step 1: Request more information, a quote, or share a scope change to an existing project via Contact.

Step 2: The Account Management team takes a look at what you’re after and passes it on to the relevant internal specialist team members.

Step 3: We’ll get in touch to discuss the scope of work and make sure we’ve understood the brief – this is where we’ll usually work with you to develop a marketing or creative brief/media buying brief.

Step 4: We’ll share the recommended plan of action, timeline, costs and resources needed to make it all happen.