The rapidly changing face of social media

Understanding the TikTok effect and how to engage Gen Z.

Don’t let the changing media landscape pass you by. Join us as we dive into social media and explain how the TikTok effect has led to vast changes over the last three years.

Many of the long-held assumptions about how to be effective on social media are no longer true. The TikTok effect has shaped the definition of engaging content, highlighting the importance of being entertaining and effective in your strategy. We’ll show you tips and tricks on how to increase engagement and watch-time.

With Millennials and Gen Z set to outnumber older generations by the end of the 2024 financial year, knowing how to engage Gen Zeders (born between 1997 & 2012) is an imperative, as they are changing the face of social media for marketers and communications professionals.

We break down how Gen Z thinks and feels about marketing, and how we can improve our Gen Z comms strategies.

This presentation was originally held live in November, 2023, for an audience both in-person and online. You can catch every morsel of information by checking out the recording above, or over on our YouTube channel, or by having a browse of the presentation.