How to Make Successful TikTok Ads

By Crystal McKay*

The team at Cor Comms were recently recognised by TikTok for a series of videos we produced for one of our clients. They thought our ads were so ‘excellent’ that they wished to share them with other creators as an example of what to aim for.

So, what exactly makes an excellent TikTok ad? Well, here’s a hint: it’s not all about the camera quality, at least not entirely.

What truly matters is understanding your audience and delivering captivating content that grabs their attention. Think of the first few seconds of a video as the opening lines of a book. If it fails to engage, they will stop reading, or in this case, scroll away.

Knowing your audience is the key to figuring out how to grab their attention and keep them hooked. This is especially crucial on a platform like TikTok, where over 60% of the userbase are members of Gen Z – an age group known for having an average attention span of just 8 seconds!

Appealing to this younger audience requires humour. Research shows that a staggering 78% of TikTok users are actively seeking funny and entertaining content. So, don’t shy away from incorporating amusing elements into your TikTok videos, they are the key to going viral!

Another important aspect is storytelling. Don’t just make an ad; tell an evocative story. Craft unique narratives that resonate with your audience and draw them into your message. This is what leaves a lasting impression.

Moreover, when creating TikTok ads, it’s crucial for them to seamlessly blend with the content posted by other users. You want your ads to appear as organic as possible, fitting naturally into the feeds of TikTok users. Being incognito can actually work in your favour, increasing the chances of your ad receiving high reach and engagement.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the importance of authenticity. TikTok users value genuine and relatable content. Showcasing real people, real experiences, and real emotions can resonate deeply and build a strong bond with your TikTok community.

So, if you want to create excellent TikTok ads, remember to:

  • Know your audience
  • Infuse humour into your content
  • Tell evocative stories
  • Ensure your ads appear seamlessly within the platform
  • Be authentic
About the author

*Crystal is a Content Creator at Cor Comms. She is currently undertaking her post-graduate studies in the media and communications field, where she continues to gain new industry insights and excel at creating content that connects with others.