Case studies

Tasmanian Community Fund

Emerging Community Leaders Program Campaign

Want rural and regional Tasmanians to develop their community leadership qualities? Targeted digital communications is by far the best approach.

The client

The Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) funds and assists in the delivery of the Emerging Community Leaders Program (ECL), to develop leadership skills in individuals to help communities prosper.

The Brief

Over the journey of the program, TCF had recognised that a significant majority of participants hailed from Tasmania’s major population centres and large not for profit organisations.

The TCF wanted to redress this imbalance and encourage more diverse applicants, particularly those from rural and regional Tasmania who work in local community organisations.

TCF had an objective to attract 35-40 applicants from these areas.

The Strategy

To achieve the campaign objectives, we developed a Facebook and Instagram campaign, optimised for traffic, to redirect potential applicants to the website to learn more about the program and apply to join.

The campaign delivery targeted online users:

  • With interests in relevant topics highlighting their community service focus – eg social and community issues, volunteering, social work, community centres, community development and social change.
  • Who have associations relevant industries – eg community and social services, non-profit organisations, charitable organisations etc.
  • And excluded people living in urban and metropolitan areas.

The program is a big commitment for participants over 12-months so it was important to have evocative creative content to get quality applicants. Our creative executions highlighted the diverse range of past participants and projects that showcase the program, to elicit a positive response from the target audience.

Key Performance Metrics
  • Impressions – 251,190
  • Link clicks – 1,242 redirecting users to the website.
  • Average cost per click (CPC) – $1.61, (under the industry average of $3.89).
  • Click-through rate (CTR) – 0.49% (above the industry average of 0.47%).
  • Reach – 52,332 unique users (out of a total audience pool of 99,500 online users).
  • Average CPM – $7.96, below the platform average.
Campaign Effectiveness

We love it when our clients express their excitement for the results our campaigns achieve! The Tasmanian Community fund was particularly satisfied with the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving its objectives.

“We received 39 applications … as this is an emerging-leaders program we don’t want too many applications as it can impact on how people see themselves and what they apply for moving forward if they are not successful, so we aim for between 35 and 40.

The difference in the applications received this year is that there is a broader geographical spread and a broader spread of sectors. We also have more applicants who are volunteers and a lower number of applications from central Hobart, so all in all, what we were looking for.”