Case studies

Public Information Unit – Jaydn – Get Vaxxed Now Campaign

The client

Public Information Unit (PIU) brings together communications staff from multiple government agencies to manage whole-of-government public information during emergencies. Such as, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Brief

With below average COVID – 19 vaccination rates among younger Tasmanians, specifically men of lower socio-economic status, the task was to develop a campaign that would motivate this more reluctant demographic to get vaccinated.

The Strategy

Given initial vaccination messaging wasn’t resonating with younger men, we wanted to create a character they could identify with, that delivered the message in a more entertaining fashion. The concept of Jaydn, the mullet clad, tradie was born.

The creative execution of Jaydn entering a dream sequence prior to getting vaccinated provided broad creative and humour opportunities. With various people entering the dream sequence to support Jaydn’s motives for getting vaccinated and congratulate him for doing so, by saying ‘good on ya Jaydn’.

To test Jaydn as stand-alone character and ensure his motivations for getting vaccinated resonated, we conducted focus groups with members of the target market. 

The dream sequence ad was delivered to users on:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok 
  • Snapchat

Within these platforms all users aged 18 – 45 were targeted. We chose to target a wider audience than the young, male demographic as the overall message would still be relevant and entertaining to a wider audience.

Following updated requirements for patrons to be double vaccinated to enter venues, the Jaydn ‘don’t take a chance if ya wanna dance’ video was developed and delivered on the same digital channels. Again, focusing on the motives of the younger demographics to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The music used in the campaign was by Tasmanian bands and musicians, making for a truly authentic Tasmanian production.

Key digital campaign Performance Metrics
  • Impressions – 1,462,464
  • Link clicks/Swipe ups – 5,413
Campaign effectiveness

The call to action for this campaign was not to engage online, but to simply get vaccinated. As at February 28, 2022 at the conclusion of the Jaydn campaign, the increase in vaccination rates from the young male demographic helped Tasmania record the highest first and second dose rate for COVID-19 vaccinations of all Australian states with 94.3% and 93.7% respectively.