About us


It’s not ever about us actually, it’s about our clients.
We’re only happy when they are.

For close to 45 years, Cor Comms has been trusted to provide carefully tailored communication and marketing solutions for our clients, their objectives and importantly, their budget.

Vision, research, strategy and creativity flow seamlessly through our team to deliver exceptional outcomes.

With our combined years of experience (more than we’d like to count), we have the connections, the skills and the experience of lifetimes.

Our values


The energy we have for our work is electric conducting our focus, powering our diligence and sparking our ideas. Our work lights us up and makes us shine.  It sustains our creativity, our eye for detail and our depth of knowledge.


We don’t wear swish suits, instead wearing thinking caps, clever clogs and sometimes our hearts on our sleeves providing courageous advice we believe in.  And we always wear hard-wearing work trousers because we won’t knock off until everyone’s happy.


We’re all ears – effective communication begins with effective listening, building connections and trust on shared understandings.  We know trust is earned not given – we are grateful to our many long-term clients repaying this faith.  We are authentic, what you see is what you get – just like sticky date pudding or apple crumble or brownies — reliable, comforting and crowd-pleasingly good.

Our pledge


At Cor Comms, we pledge to uphold exceptional standards whilst remaining true to ourselves in a corporate world where pretension can blur authenticity.

We promise to adhere to the key values of our business — passion, excellence and trust.

We pledge to foster our trademark passion, ensuring that every idea we have and every connection we forge is steeped in enthusiasm, courage, energy and focus.

We vow to uphold our reputation for excellence, to honour our years of experience and to continue generating compelling and creative results, without the need to wear crappy suits or being generally smug about it.

We pledge to be good eggs; to be ourselves, to remain respectfully, honestly human and to be accountable for our actions.

This we solemnly swear.



Adrian Smith

Managing Director

Adrian shares a vision which fosters a happy and healthy team to become leaders in marketing and communication.

Balancing creativity, practicality and passion, driven by enthusiasm and client-focused adrenaline.


Nicolas Turner

Executive Chairman

Nick is a safe pair of hands in a pressure cooker environment, with a lightning-quick, strategic mind.

Trusted by clients, respected by the media and highly regarded by all levels of Government.


Craig Harding

Marketing Director

Craig is an encyclopedia of marketing and media strategy, with a boundless curiosity and a fiercely client-centric focus.

A thirst for knowledge that has remained constant for more than three decades in the industry.


Nat Hiller

Art Director

Nat is an artist whose work speaks clearly to our clients and those they wish to engage.

Creativity and originality are his touchstones, while years of experience add logic and resonance to his designs.


Ali Brennan

Account Director

Ali guides our team’s creativity and production, ensuring we maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

Organisation is at the core of her workflow, with our clients foremost in her thinking.


Justine Brazil

Advertising Sales Executive

Justine, an adopted Tasmanian from the UK, has a passion for all things print media sales. A people person to her core, Justine loves building strong relationships with her customers and watching their businesses grow.